[ORINGINALLY PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2019] Hard to believe that William Clark Green's last live album, Live at Gruene Hall was released THREE years ago, back in September 2016. Guess what? WCG has another new live album coming our way very soon.

At just over a year now since Hebert Island was released (August 2018), Green's next new project,  Live at Cheatham Street Warehouse will be out November 8th. This week we got our first taste of the album with a live video of his new radio single "She Loves Horses."

And if you missed it it was revealed last week that Green, Josh Abbott, Cleto Cordero (Flatland Cavalry), and John Baumann are putting out some sort of collaboration in 2020, as The Panhandlers. We are certainly excited to see what they've got in store for us with that one.

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