One of my favorite things about artists is how they do so much to beautify and add cultural interest to our East Texas cities. There is much to see and enjoy around East Texas already. However, when people visit our area, they may want to find the perfect place to take that coveted "perfect trip shot." You know what I mean--that places that you and I always look for that may then become that iconic shot we actually put in a frame as a reminder of our visit.

This evening, at 5 p.m., you are invited to be camera-ready and present as an interactive, artistic focal point unfurls its "wings" in Tyler.  You'll want to plan to park in Fair Plaza Parking Garage, as Broadway will be closed from Elm Street to Ferguson. Also, Erwin Street will be closed from N College Ave to N Spring street.

The first time I heard about this planned interactive wall art installation that shall be called the "Wings of Tyler," I was excited. For one thing, if you're at all familiar with the works of artists Dace Lucia Kidd and Cassie Edmonds, that is reason enough. These Tyler residents and professional artists have been doing lovely work in a variety of areas for years. Edmonds is known primarily for her "large scale mosaic installations and sculptures," while classically-trained Luce Kidd has primarily works with oils on canvas but has begun to incorporate public murals and large scale works to her artistic endeavors.

These incredible women started about discussions about a bigger project they could do together that would incorporate both of their unique talents and create something special, beautiful, and engaging for the citizens of Tyler and East Texas--as well as visitors. Another goal? They didn't want this project to require any funding from the government or taxpayers. What they came up with is very special indeed. I'd encourage you to read more about this fascinating story via their Facebook page.

So, what exactly IS are the "Wings of Tyler?" According to their page, it "consists of 5 sets of wings installed on the west facing side of the Edward Jones building, located on the corner of Broadway and Elm. This interactive art installation will encourage people, and even their pets, to take pictures and become a part of the art and provide a bright spot in their day. Cassie and Dace think this will a great addition to Tyler's downtown area; to be enjoyed by the local community and become a "must see" spot for visitors."

On top of that, each of the give wings have created a sponsorship opportunity for organizations and/or businesses, so you'll see a plaque on each one. However, they are still in need of help covering the expenses after such a massive undertaking. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, feel free to contact either of the artists via their emails:
Hope to see you this evening as the "Wings of Tyler" take flight!

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