You would think that if you were carrying around a backpack that contained, I don't know, some meth and nunchucks, it would be hard to forget. Nope. A dude in Wisconsin did just that, according to, and said dude tried to get it all back after the forgotten backpack was turned over to the police.

I'll pause for your laughter and facepalm.

His name is Joel Mullin-Romo. He's 31 years old, like Bobby Boucher. He was visiting the Shawano Library on Monday, maybe reading up on how Chuck Norris uses nunchucks, just a guess. Romo left his backpack at the library when he was done.

Said backpack was turned over to the local police.

Joel realized he was missing his precious items of meth and nunchucks, because those two go hand in hand, and went to the police station to get his stuff back. "Stuff" being his meth and nunchucks.

To everyone's surprise, including Mr. Romo, he was arrested for possession. To make things even better, he was on probation for another crime. More charges are likely to come.

Looks like he'll have plenty of time to catch up on his reading in the prison library now.

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