Here we go again, another glue mishap. Just a few months ago it seemed like every news agency in the world was talking about the woman who sprayed Gorilla Glue in her hair. This time its nail glue and not on hair, but in the eye.

Yacedrah Williams fell asleep with her contact lenses in. She woke up in the middle of the night and decided to take them out. But her eyes were irritated. So she grabbed her purse, that's where she kept her eye drops. It's also where she kept her nail glue.

Nail glue is a fast-acting adhesive used to attach artificial nails to the top of real nails. The type Williams used looked like a bottle of eye drops and was about the same size.

Still half asleep, Williams put the nail glue in her eye instead of eye drops. The contact was still in as well. Immediately she knew she'd done something terribly wrong.

Willams had not only sealed her eye shut, but she also glued the contact in her eye. She woke her husband for help. He splashed water on her eye and called 911.

Doctors were able to open her eye and remove the contact. The medical team praised the husband for flushing out the eye as that's the course of action when something is in the eye that doesn't belong in the eye.

Williams told WXYZ in Detroit, the contact lens saved her sight.

They said that contact saved my vision. They kept saying you'll probably lose your lashes, which I did, because they had to pull on it and flip the top of my lid.-Yacedrah Williams

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