East Texas is filled with extraordinary, talented people. And now the citizens of Tyler, Texas can boast that they have their very own axe-throwing wonder woman!

Congratulations to Nicole Ashdown of Tyler!

She recently qualified for the World Axe Throwing Championships--and she is one of the first females to do so. (WooHoo!) The Championships are scheduled for Friday, December 10 thru Sunday, December 12 in Forth Worth.

The competition will take place in various axe-throwing venues around Ft. Worth and the would-be champions are competing for a $50,000 prize pool.

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I had the opportunity to chat with Nicole this afternoon and I asked her what she was most looking forward to as she prepares for the competition:

"I’m looking forward to competing with some of the best competitors all over the world. Some competitors that I’ve looked up to and watched on ESPN every year. I’m looking forward to seeing other female competitors as well. I wish them the best and hope I get the chance to cheer them on.


There should be more and more female throwers in the years to come. I look forward to doing something I love, on my birthday with close friends and family supporting me!"

She's right, there really should be. It's mold-breakers like her who will be inspiring those future female axe-throwers. (And happy early birthday, Nicole!)

Ashdown also recently told KLTV:  "I'm trying really, really hard to find time to practice but not overdo it. I feel like the physical part of it is all there. I know how to throw, I know how to compete, it’s the mental side of it. Breathing and really concentrating on getting my mind right for a huge, huge competition."

Photo courtesy of Nicole Ashdown
Photo courtesy of Nicole Ashdown

And where does Nicole Ashdown go to practice her badass axe-throwing skills in Tyler, Texas?

Pump Jaxe Axe Throwing is a venue right off of Old Jacksonville Highway in South Tyler. And THIS is where she likes to go to sharpen those mad skills.

I have often thought about trying my hand at axe-throwing at this very location as it's not too terribly far from my home. But I confess I've been nervous. I wonder if Nicole might consider giving me a few pointers? After all, who doesn't wanna learn from the best?

Congrats on qualifying Nicole Ashdown! Your home team in East Texas will be cheering you on!

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