What you just saw is described on the KCEN-TV Facebook page as "...the most cringe worthy robbery you've ever seen." I, and you, agree.

Lets go to the play by play shall we:

Man walks into the store. He looks ready to do the deed. There is a determination on his face and in his walk. He's ready.

He needs to add to his show of force, though. He has a handheld piece at the ready in his waistband.

Time to pull it out and make a tough sounding voice.

Oh wait! He didn't wipe the grease off his hands from his sausage biscuit. He can't hang on to his piece. Fumble!

He attempts a leap over the wall to take advantage of the distraction.

There's the jump! Annnd, nope, his five hours playing Fornite the night before have taken their toll. That three and half foot leap is too much for this couch potato.

He realizes his time is done. Gotta make a run for it. Better show some strength and aggressively kick open the door.

But wait! He forgot his belt. His pants almost tackle him.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed the worst robbery attempt in the history of dumb crooks. Standing O.

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