Honestly, it was already a strange day. Ever just have those days that feel a little "off?" Yeah...one of those.

For example, on the way home I looked over and saw a man on a motorcycle literally riding on the pedestrian sidewalk near a gated South Tyler neighborhood. He seemed as if he was doing it on purpose and even smiled when passers-by honked.

Yeah, that kind of a day.

ANYWAY, so when I looked up and saw the plumes of thick white smoke rising against the brilliantly blue sky I was both surprised while not being surprised AT ALL. (Life's a paradox, ya know?)

Because it had already been a strange day in a variety of ways, I thought "hey, let's go check it out." So I did.

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My gallivanting through Wonderland continued as I made my way south on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. As I drove I began to wonder...did a home or business catch fire? Did some angry foreign nation hit us with the world's smallest bomb?

Finally, I found the source when I was getting closer to Bullard. I ended up turning onto a county road when I discovered the source. Any guesses? (I bet you already know.)

If you guessed that one of our East Texas neighbors was burning his field, you win the prize. (The prize being that I am impressed with you having known that. And maybe a cookie. You'll have to contact me to redeem this sweet prize.) 

I was relieved to see no one's property was being destroyed and of course that no human beings or animals were in danger.  So it wasn't a "strange" fire after all. But it certainly looked that way.

I've seen neighbors around East Texas burning their fields before. In fact, the man that lives close by does his every year for the purpose of killing weeds and to improve the overall health of the soil. However, I don't recall ever seeing such thick white AND BROWN smoke.

Take a look at these photos. Do you know what they were using that made the smoke so brown? Fascinating.

Wow! Did You See the Strange Smoke Rising from Just South of Tyler?

Finally, I found the source when I was getting closer to Bullard. I ended up turning onto a county road when I discovered the source of the smoke and fire. Any guesses? 

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