It's called your evoked set. Probably the only thing I recall from my Marketing classes at UT Tyler. An evoked set is defined as "the brands that come to a consumer's mind when a need for a product or service arises. These are considered acceptable brands based on the consumer's perception of their products, and their brand equity with a consumer."

When it comes to dining out we all basically have four or five places that we wind up going to. Not because there aren't other great choices, it's just easier to go to a place that we know. A place we know will meet our needs.

And we've all been there, you try some place new, have a terrible experience and wind up back at the same old reliable place the following week. Which isn't a bad thing, but... Meanwhile we all complain, "I REALLY wanna try some place new, or different!"

Earlier this week Kelly D. posted in the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recommendations page asking for suggestions for places to try out in Tyler. So I thought if you're anything like me (and my wife) you might be interested in hearing about a potentially few new-to-you restaurants that our fellow Tyler-ites are recommending.

So at the risk of blowing up a few folks' most favorite places, here we go. We've got ten, or so, suggestions taken directly from the comments section for you (and me) to try out. Let's expand our evoked set together, shall we?

Also, why didn't any of y'all tell me that What About Kabob's is re-opened? Good thing for y'all I'm too excited to be upset.

Krazy Cajun Kitchen & Market

Fresh Juice Bar & Smoothies

Ruby's Mexican Restaurant

The Spud Station

Catch Me If You Can

A Taste of North de Light

What About Kabobs

Smoke Monkey East Texas

Athena Greek & American Family Restaurant

Zoёs Kitchen

El Jalisciense Taco Shop

1836 Texas Kitchen

Montez Creekside Kitchen

East Texas' Top 16 Craziest, Busiest, Hardest-to-Park-in Parking Lots

This doesn't mean the business is bad. In fact, usually it's the contrary. I'll park four blocks away from Stanley's and brave being run over by an ambulance on Beckham Avenue for a Mother Clucker, all while wondering to myself "how in the hell did this wild-ass intersection even come into existence?" every week.

Lineup For 2022 Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival Revealed

Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, presented by i20 Dodge and produced by 101.5 KNUE and Radio Texas, LIVE! with Buddy Logan, has released its lineup for the 2022 event … and this one's special, y'all.

In addition the festival will feature several of Texas’ best and most celebrated barbecue joints that will showcase their smoked meats to attendees. Stay tuned as we will be announcing all of our joints soon.

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