Most of us here in East Texas, and specifically in Tyler, Texas, can hardly wait for the new THIRD Ruby's Mexican Restaurant to open.

If the tried and true, much-loved offerings that have made Ruby's Mexican Restaurant one of the most popular hot spots for hungry East Texans isn't exciting enough, today Ruby and Miranda did a Facebook Live video showing some of the NEW menu offerings that are coming soon to their new location at 3502 S. Broadway, Ste. 408 in Tyler.

Although we don't know the official date they'll be open, the staff at Ruby's kindly offered a tempting preview.

To be honest, I've not had the pleasure of dining at either of the two locations already open in Tyler. You can read more about those locations here and here. But as someone who has adored Mexican food since she was born, I can hardly contain my excitement.

So, what are a few of these NEW menu items to which we can look forward once they open the new location?

Don't worry, many of those familiar items so many love will be carried over to the 3rd location, as well. However, after listening to fan feedback over the years, they've decided to add some delectable requests to the menu. I'm going to attempt to share these with you, but bear in mind since it was a Facebook LIVE video, I'm doing my best to remember my spelling lessons from Spanish class.

However, since I have some photos to share with you, as well, hopefully, that will make up for my likely errors. After all, a picture's worth a thousand (misspelled) words, right?

Let's take a peek:

Ruby's 3rd Location in Tyler, TX to Offer These NEW Amazing Menu Items

Yes, some of our long-time faves will be there. But they're also adding some fan requests to the menu at the 3rd Tyler location--opening soon. Here's a preview.

Wanna watch the 9-minute video they shared? Take a look:

Out of the new dishes they've shared, which one is appealing to you the most? 

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