Currently in East Texas there are 11 families looking for their precious children. Have you seen any of these children? reports, since January 2021 145 children from birth to 17 have gone missing in the state of Texas. That is 145 too many. There have been countless numbers of Amber Alerts issued over the past few months to alert the community of a possible child abduction with hopes of them returning home safely. Thankfully that has been the case in several of these Amber Alerts recently. It happen just this week when two Bullard teen girls were reported missing and eventually were found in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and were returned home.

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Looking through the list of missing children in Texas, the majority of the reported missing children are in their mid-teens. Some of these kids could be runaways, but that doesn't negate the fact that their parents and family are desperately missing them. The site allows you to do a pretty broad to narrow search to learn about missing children in your town or state. Specific information surrounding the cause of why they're on the list is not given. The site lists the child's name, age date of birth, physical description along with a date they were reported missing.

Take a look at these following children and see if you recognize them by name or face and lets all keep an eye out for these children and if you see them, please report this information to you local authorities.

11 East Texas Children Missing Since January 2021

These 11 families are desperately searching for their children and are praying for their safe return home

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