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I wish I didn't create content like this for you to consume, but I feel it necessary to do so to bring awareness to the face that these children are missing from their families.

Last month I wrote about and featured 42 Texas kids that were reported missing for the month of August. Before looking up data for the month of September, I did a quick query for the month of August again and it appears as if some of these missing kids have been found and reunited with their families or found but not reunited with their families because the number shrunk from 42 to 22. Nearly half have been located but we need to continue searching for these missing kids for the family's sake.

Just last night (October 05, 2021), a new Amber Alert was issued for a 13-year-old Houston teen who is believed to have been abducted by a 22-year-old male and she is believed to be in grave or immediate danger. The FBI and Houston authorities are looking for the suspect, Sha Smith, who was last seen driving a blue 2008 GMC truck with Texas license plates 28809T1. They were last seen in the Houston area.

From the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website, there were fifty kids, up to the age of 18, who went missing in Texas during the month of September. Seven of those missing kids are 14 and younger. One kid on the list is a 16-year-old from Big Sandy. James Hickman has been missing since September 29th. He is among the featured in our list of missing below and if you have any information on James Hickman's whereabouts, you are encouraged to call the Upshur County Sheriff's Office at 903.843.2541. You may remain anonymous.

If You've Seen These Children Please Call Law Enforcement

After looking at the faces of these missing children, if you recognize any of them or find them to be a bit familiar, no matter how small the detail is, please call your local law enforcement office. That small detail could be the one break that investigators are looking for to solve this missing person's case and to bring them back to their family.

A Big Sandy Boy Among The 50 Missing Kids From Texas In September

These 50 Texas children were reported missing during the month of September according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

42 Texas Kids Were Reported Missing In August 2021, Including 7 That Are Under The Age Of 14

These children are not at home with their parents right now as they should be. The families with these missing children are hurting, aching and wondering where their child is because they're not home right now.

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The Top 12 Texas Cold Cases Dating Back To 1968

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