The oppressive and disrespectful heat we've been experiencing has not kept many off the East Texas lakes this summer. That could be for a day of boating, jet skiing or a day to cast your line in hopes of catching that dream fish. For one 11-year-old Tyler, Texas boy, he got that dream catch over this past weekend (Sunday, August 6). While enjoying a day of fishing with his dad, the very experienced fisherboy reeled in a huge catfish.

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People Love to Fish in East Texas

Fishing is a go-to pastime for thousands of East Texans. It could be a day to get out on the boat, cast a line, crack open a beverage and just relax. Sometimes, it's a day where they could be searching out an elusive catch. Other days, they just want to catch as many as they can. Bass is certainly a favorite of many, catfish is another. Many lakes in East Texas are full of catfish ready to be caught then made ready for a huge fish fry that evening with some hush puppies, coleslaw and fries. Great, now I'm hungry.

I’m very proud of myself. All the hard work that I’ve been doing is finally paid off and all the cast netting and catching bait and casting all over finally paid off. - Henry Correa on His Huge Catch

Some of our East Texas lakes are home to some huge catfish. These catfish are not the best to eat but are a lot of fun to catch just because of their size. Lake Palestine has seen several huge catfish catches throughout the years, so has Lake Tyler. The latter is where this huge catch came from on Sunday, August 6. 11-year-old Henry Correa reeled in a 35 pound, 43 inch long catfish.

35 Pound Catfish Caught on Lake Tyler - KETK NBC on YouTube via Gabriel Correa
35 Pound Catfish Caught on Lake Tyler - KETK NBC on YouTube via Gabriel Correa

Congratulations to Henry

Correa was using just a rod and reel and wasn't out in the middle of the lake, either. He was casting from a boathouse according to KETK. Correa has been fishing since he was a young lad and was very proud of his catch. We all are proud of your catch Henry. Congratulations and keep enjoying your passion of fishing.

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