While everyone in the lone star state can point to the state flower out of a lineup, not everyone knows when the bluebonnet was proclaimed the state flower.

In fact, today marks the 116th year the bluebonnet has been the flower representing Texas, according to the Texas State Historical Association. It was on March 7, 1901 when the 27th Texas Legislature adopted the bluebonnet as the state flower.

The bluebonnet's name is largely due to the fact it resembles a sunbonnet, but this flower has also been called by wolf flower, buffalo clover and el conejo - translated as 'the rabbit' in Spanish.

Photo by Nicki Losa
Photo by Nicki Losa

In 1933 Texas adopted the song, "Bluebonnets" by Lora C. Crockett and Julia D. Booth as the state flower song. In that same span of ten years, (1930s), the Highway Department pushed its beautification program in order to extend the flower's range. That would explain why you see our state flower along so many roadsides.

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