I don't normally dress up for Halloween, mostly because I procrastinate and just don't have a costume ready on the big day. That's when I slick my hair back, put on a jacket and tie, and slap on a name tag that says, "Hi, My Name Is Clark Kent".

A few years ago I went as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. I still have the cape, and I've thought about wearing a Disney princess dress under it and going as Jon Snow White.

Derpy idea, right? Well, I just want to prepare you for my dumb sense of humor, because I'm about to show you a dozen costumes from Spirit Halloween that made me laugh.

While I can appreciate a great scary costume with tons of work put into the makeup and prosthetics, and seeing the ladies in their Jessica Rabbit and Morticia Addams outfits is a treat every year, I'll forever be a sucker for goofy getups.

All of these costumes are available at Spirit Halloween and on their website. While none of them could really be called clever, each has something about it that I can't help but find amusing.

By the way, the big day is this Saturday, October 31. Figures Halloween would finally be on a Saturday, and it happens during a plague. Anyway, however you choose to celebrate, be safe out there. Don't let the 'rona or the crazies get ya.

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12 Halloween Costumes That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

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