Kudos to these two Texas restaurants who made a national list of 20 restaurants you definitely want to try as soon as possible.

We know we have great food in Texas. To be honest, as cool as it is to see these 2 Texas restaurants make the list, I think that number should be higher. But still, it's pretty fantastic to see them on a list taking every restaurant in the United States into consideration, ya know?

But maybe that's just my Texas pride showing. I'm fine with that. And now Lone Star State natives can be proud to be listed not once, but twice, on Luxatic's list of '20 Themed Restaurants You Totally Have to Visit."

If you're not familiar, Luxatic is a website that focuses on luxury living in its various aspects, which you may have gathered by the name.

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Granted, as cool as these two Texas restaurants are, we were a little surprised to see them on a list created by a website focused on the luxurious lifestyle. But then again, just having a heck of a good time at a themed restaurant is a kind of luxury in itself, in my opinion.

After all, yeah we love premium-quality food and fancy environs sometimes. However, it's fun to check out places that are unusual, whimsical, and/or just a heck of a ton of fun.

So which 2 Texas restaurants made the list?

Yes, I was so happy to see this one on the list! I remember visiting one of these when I was a kid and it is still such a happy memory.

#1. Magic Time Machine, San Antonio, Texas

Screenshot from Carrie's Reborns YouTube Video
Screenshot from Carrie's Reborns YouTube Video

This place is definitely unique and whimsical, which I love. In fact, it's honestly more of an adventurous experience where you can enjoy some quite good food, as opposed to just 'going out to eat,' or whatever. Extra fun for families with kids or for the young-at-heart. Check out their website here.

#2. The Hobbit Cafe, Houston, Texas

Screenshot from Texas Country Reporters YouTube Video
Screenshot from Texas Country Reporters YouTube Video

This sign makes me want to go read all of the books again, by the way. 

Screenshot from Texas Country Reporters YouTube Video
Screenshot from Texas Country Reporters YouTube Video

Yessss! OK, I confess I've never been. However for myself and any other lovers of Tolkien's book (or at least the movies) may want to check this place out next time you're in the Houston, Texas area.

Would you look at that sign welcoming us to Middle Earth and the Shire, itself?

I love it when people create something as delightful as this based on their passions. After reading some of the reviews, the food looks and (according to the raves) tastes amazing! Open since 1972, you can get a closer look at The Hobbit Cafe in Houston, Texas here.

Wanna see the rest of the list? Here ya go. 

Any other MUST-TRY restaurants you'd recommend here in Texas?

Let me know at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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