If you missed it earlier this month the whole town of Jacksonville, Texas came together to celebrate the holidays with their Christmas Parade. While I wasn't in attendance I love to scroll through the photos and see people of all ages with big smiles on their faces as they celebrate the season. B&L Photography was on hand for the big Christmas Parade and if you were in parade there is a good chance you're in the photos below.

For many of us the Christmas Parade is an annual event but I don't believe the people that put forth the time and effort to make it happen get enough credit. It takes a lot of time and patience to organize so many different teams, groups, and businesses all trying to put on a great show for the community. So, beyond everyone who participated, a big thank you goes out to everyone who organized this tremendous event.

These Events Don't Happen By Accident

I've lived in other places and these types of events didn't happen because people didn't love their community like you see in Jacksonville. What I truly love about these photos is the pride that everyone shares for their friends and neighbors. When events like this happen you should try to make an appearance and share in the fun.

Let's Look At the Christmas Parade Photos

Please share these photos with any of your friends or family that you see below. Again, a big thank you to B&L Photography for taking wonderful pictures for all of us that wanted to see the parade that just couldn't make it.

2021 Christmas Parade - Jacksonville, TX

Look at all the people coming together to celebrate with the Jacksonville Christmas Parade!

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