When my wife first said that she wanted to go to the Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair on Sunday my first thought was 'go ahead, have fun'. It was then that she informed me that I would be joining her, and as every smart husband knows, 'happy wife, happy life'. So instead of watching football on a Sunday we headed to Bergfeld Park, and from first glance it looked like a fun event. There were quite a few vendors, live music going on, and a variety of food options, the 2021 Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair really was so much fun.

Parking wasn't too difficult and while the park was busy the vendor area wasn't too crowded. You could easily navigate all the different booths and everyone there was welcoming and had a smile on their face.

There Was Every Kind of Vendor That You Could Imagine

There was everything from homemade jewelry, to jams and jelly's, there was unique yard art, and even a new Tea company that just opened up in Tyler. It was nice to see so many people just happy to enjoy the weather on a gorgeous weekend. I took lots of photos while I was there (see below) the vendors were all very impressive.

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The Live Music Was Great As Were the Food Options

I didn't expect there to be fair food options at the 2021 Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair but I wasn't disappointed to purchase their loaded nachos. Lots of local food vendors were there. Plus everyone in the park was enjoying the live music. Make sure next year you don't miss out on the Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair.

Here are some picture from the event:

Pictures from the 2021 Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair

This past weekend in Tyler was the 2021 Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair here are pictures from the event:

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