The 52nd Annual Tyler Azalea Trails are underway and they do not disappoint! Flower lovers from all over visit Tyler Texas each year for the beautiful display from  mother nature! Click here for all the information.

Being a native of East Texas, I grew up around the wonder and beauty that is East Texas. I come from a long line of landscapers, nurserymen and rose growers. My Grandfather landscaped many of the homes on the Azalea Trails and I walk through them each and every year beaming with pride. Even though years have passed and some of the landscaping has been  updated , I know that my grandfather and great grandfather are  a huge part of why the Azalea Trails exist.

This is such a fantastic event with thousands of visitors coming each year to 'Ohhhh' and'Ahhhh' at the glorious sights! Bring the entire family and enjoy tons of activities going on through out the weeks of the trails. A special treat are the  girls standing in the front lawns of beautiful vintage homes in their Antebellum dresses!

If you have never experienced the beauty and history of the Tyler Azalea Trails,  grab your camera and trail map and make a point to take part this year. You won't be sorry!

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