Since some pools were closed this summer and less swimming happened, most stores have racks that are overflowing with leftover tankinis and bikinis.  We're hearing about great deals on bathings suits and more.

At one point over the summer, I read that most people have saved $1500 during the pandemic because they're not traveling as much, nightlife has been severely limited, and gyms memberships have been on hold.  Cool!  Let's blow some of that excess on bathing suits and patio furniture.

With summer winding down, it's always a good time to buy bathing suits, and I've seen racks and racks on sale at my favorite stores.  It wasn't a typical summer for public swimming spots, and that cut down on suit sales, which may lead to some killer deals now if you want to stock up.  I usually have two tankinis in the rotation so I always have a dry one ready for the pool at the gym now that it's open.  Now is a good time to buy six more.

Besides bathing suits, RetailMeNot says there are five big categories that will have good deals this month.

September Five to Buy, according to RetailMeNot:

Retail Me Not
Retail Me Not

1.  Patio Furniture - 50% off.  As the weather gets cooler, the demand for patio furniture drops off and that leads to big deals.  Stores want to move it all out before the next big shipments come in next spring.  Some sites are offering 70% off.

2.  Washers and Dryers - 30% off.  New models will be hitting showrooms and stores this month, so retailers want to move out the old stuff.  Older models work just fine and they're cost-efficient.  They just have a different manufactured date.  It's not an expiration date, so we should be fine.

3.  Maternity Clothing - 27% off.  Some of us might not need maternity clothing, although I will admit I am still wearing my favorite butterfly maternity t-shirt that I loved when I was pregnant with my middle daughter, and it's still comfy.  It's just a little looser now.  September is a popular birth month, and as pregnant moms finish the journey, the demand for maternity clothing drops off.

4.  Vacations - 24% off.  Hotels and resorts have suffered during the pandemic, and they want travelers to start booking stays in droves.  Many sites are offering good deals to sweeten the pot and jump-start the process.

5.  Mattresses - up to $600 off.  The recommendation is to replace your mattress every seven to eight years, and I think it's been fifteen for me.  It's a wonder I get any sleep at all.  If you can swing it, now is a great time to spring for a new one.

And bathing suits!  Based on my observations and excessive Googling, the deals on bathing suits are out there.  If only the pools were as abundant as the gear.

Labor Day Weekend kicked off the sales, and most of them will continue through the month.  And then, only 76 days till Black Friday!

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