Most first-graders think about recess, cartoons and avoiding baths. Seven-year-old Ryan of Ryan ToysReview spends his free time running a multi-million dollar YouTube channel, launching a toy and apparel collection and making deals with Hulu and Amazon.

How Ryan's YouTube Fame Began

In 2015 Ryan was a typical three-year-old, one who liked playing with toy cars, racing down water slides and eating pop tarts. His mom started capturing his excitement on video as he explored new things.

She created Ryan ToysReview and for the first few months, not much happened. Then viewers started to discover this little boy who plays with toys and critiques them.

By the time he was five, Ryan starred on the most popular channel on YouTube in the United States and the second largest in the world. His mom was able to quit her job as a chemistry teacher and help Ryan make videos full time.

Most Popular Video

In Ryan's most popular video, Ryan opens gigantic eggs to discover toys from Disney's Cars and Paw Patrol. The video is approaching 3 million views and the channel has 17.3 million followers and counting.

His favorite toys to review include Cars, Trains, Thomas and Friends, Lego, and Superheroes. It's not all just fun and games for this little boy. Forbes announced he's the highest earner of 2018, bringing in $22 million last year alone.

Mini-Mogul's Other Ventures

Ryan is brilliant at unboxing, but when you're seven you have to think toward the future. After all, $22 million dollars will only go so far. This past summer he launched Ryan's World, a toy and apparel collection you'll find at WalMart and Target. He also recently signed deals with Hulu and Amazon to create entertainment using material from his YouTube channel

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