Tennis was a sport I could never grasp. I tried in high school at Lindale but anytime I would hit the ball, it would go over the court's 12 foot fence and into the nursing home's yard across the street. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the technique down of twisting the racket to keep the ball in play. Ping pong, however, was a different story. I wasn't Forrest Gump ping pong good but I held my own. That's why pickleball has piqued my interest, it's the scale of tennis but with a ping pong feel. For a new Sonic in Canton, Texas, they embraced this increased popularity of the sport and have provided three courts to play on while you enjoy a Cherry Limeade.

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The Sport of Pickleball

Pickleball looks fun. I really would love to give it a try. It's becoming so popular in East Texas that it's hard to find a court that isn't full with players. If you're unfamiliar with the sport, pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong with a wiffleball type ball to hit around using a paddle. You can play one on one or two on two. There is an area that the ball must bounce in before a player can hit it over the net. The team that serves the ball is the only team that can score.

The new Sonic Drive-In is OPEN in Canton, Texas and they have PICKLEBALL COURTS! In fact, they are the only Sonic with pickleball courts. They have three of them that can be reserved ahead of time using an app. - Canton Texas EDC

Pickleball Fans in Canton

For pickleball fans in Canton, they have a new option to go and play, Sonic. The new Sonic built at the intersection of Highway 243 and Highway 19 has three pickleball courts to play on. You will need to reserve a time to use it which can be done through the mobile app CourtReserve which is available to download on the Apple or Google Play stores.

Canton Texas EDC via Facebook
Canton Texas EDC via Facebook

There is also a huge playground that the kids will be able to play on.

Canton Texas EDC via Facebook
Canton Texas EDC via Facebook

Pickleball will continue to grow and become more popular in East Texas. It's great that Canton fans have a new place to play.

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