When it comes to critters, I'm pretty much okay with most of 'em. The exception would be spiders. Yeah, those eight legged freaks can go back to hell where they belong. For many, snakes are their phobia. Snakes don't bother me. Most are pretty harmless and some are very lovable and just want to cuddle. Some don't want anything to do with us and will simply slither away if we get close. For those that live outside of the concrete jungle, running across a snake is not uncommon. Having one use a car's engine as a sanctuary isn't out of the ordinary, either, as this Burton, Texas mom can attest to after having to remove a snake from her daughter's car engine.

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Texas Country Girl

Nicole Graham runs a Houston based company called The Garden Hen. Her company teaches clients about all things chickens, will build a custom chicken coop for someone to use and will help clean those coops. As part of that education, being made aware of predators would also be a part of that curriculum. One of those chicken predators is the pantherophis pullatus snake, otherwise known as a rat snake or chicken snake.

Chicken or Rat Snake

Chicken snakes are not aggressive. As a matter of fact, they will slither away as fast as they can if we catch them in the open. For the most part, they will leave your hen alone but will come after the eggs. On the other hand, a chicken snake will help control the rat population as they like to feed on them as well.

Rat snakes, also known as Chicken Snakes, like to go into chicken coops and eat the eggs of the chickens. They don't typically go after the birds or the poultry unless they're relatively small, but the reality is, eggs are a big part of their diet just like small rodents, small birds, things of that nature. - Nicole Graham

Snake in a Chicken Coop

What Graham encounter recently isn't really in her job description but because of her knowledge, she was able to handle the situation with a lot more ease than others would have. She was cleaning out a client's chicken coop when she noticed a chicken snake there (FOX 4). She was able to remove the snake from the coop but it fell off the stick she was carrying it on. The snake's instinct led it to hiding in the engine of her daughter's car, who was there helping.

They were able to open the hood and Graham was able to safely remove the snake from the vehicle's engine compartment. As any teenager would do, Haylie Graham, her daughter, got out her phone and filmed her fearless mom removing the snake from the engine. Watch it all below:

Not Uncommon in East Texas

Nicole Graham is the quintessential Texas country girl, not afraid of a little critter and doing what is necessary to get rid of said critter. I'm not saying that something like this happens everyday in the countryside of East Texas, but they are knowledgeable of what to do if something like this does happen. Good job Nicole. If you want to find out more about her company, The Garden Hen, check out her website the-garden-hen.com.

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