You can't fault Houston Museum of Natural Science for trying!

It's unconventional, educational and well... maybe not romantic for most, but it's definitely something your significant other won't forget - that could be good or bad.

The museum has rolled out an Endless Love Campaign is a way to 'show your Valentine that your love will last forever'. For $5 you get to name one of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches living in the Cockrell Butterfly Center - it's incredibly weird/unique and it helps support conservation and education at the museum. Plus you'll get a certificate like the one below, except tailored to you and your loved one.

Endless Love roaches copy

And if you think about it for a second, it makes some sense. According to HMNS, these guys have survived everything earth has been through in the last 350 million years. And a theory I've heard since I was a kid is that they could survive nuclear blasts! So doesn't it make sense to name the oldest, albeit grossest bug after the endless love you feel for your Valentine?

This is one of the reasons why Texas is considered crazy, I think.

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