You may've heard rumors about this shoe store opening at The Shops in Terrell, TX, well believe all of those rumors. Now you can peruse in person all the hottest new Hey Dude styles.

"These shoes are something everyone can love. They are made of sustainable materials, they're super comfortable, and they're stylish. Their classic style just slips on, so you don't have to tie them." Krazy Coupon Lady

If you aren't familiar with Hey Dude shoes, you've no doubt seen them around and thought "what are those strangely comfortable looking shoes that guy (or lady) is wearing? And where can I find them for myself?"

Well the answer is, they're Hey Dudes. So, what are Hey Dudes?

Most people now know about these lightweight, supportive and comfortable shoes. Much like Crocs, they are made with sustainability in mind. In fact these shoes are made using recycled cork, plastic, and leather and the packaging they use is made from cornstarch, which sounds delicious.

The Launch.


Hey Dude shoes launched way back in 2008 in Italy but you likely didn't begin seeing them 'til much more recently. It was during the lockdown that they really began picking up steam in the United States, in late 2020.

In fact they were becoming so popular that another comfortable shoe brand wanted them. And in '21 Crocs bought the company for $2.5 billion.

The Price.

And they're reasonably priced too. The retail starting price is $39.95 for toddlers and reaches up to $79.95 for men’s sizes. The Hey Dude shoes for women have a retail price starting at $29.95, and they go up to $69.95.

I've owned several pairs of Crocs, but I gotta admit seeing these everywhere have got me intrigued. I'll have to stop by next time I driving through Terrell and check 'em out for myself.

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