It's crazy to think that a gas station is a required visit during a vacation or a road trip. But that's how Texans feel about Buc-ee's. Some of it is the pride that it is a Texas based and Texas owned company. Most of it is just the experience of making a stop there. From gifts to home décor to great food, it's a fun stop for anyone. Buc-ee's has been spreading its awesomeness to other parts of the country as of late. That includes the state of Tennessee where Buc-ee's is almost as popular as it is in Texas. One Tennessean took herself and a squad of friends to the Crossville, Tennessee Buc-ee's to celebrate her 35th birthday and ended up going viral on TikTok.

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Weekend Fun at Buc-ee's

Me and my girlfriend celebrated her daughter's birthday in Dallas this past weekend. On our way from Lindale to Dallas, we had to stop at Buc-ee's in Terrell. I was hungry and needed a chopped beef sandwich and Beaver Chips for lunch, she needed a bag of Beaver Nuggets and we had to check out the bathrooms you can dine in. We did the same thing on the way back from our weekend getaway. We love Buc-ee's and have made a couple of trips to Terrell for the sole purpose of shopping at Buc-ee's. We understand not everyone is into Buc-ee's like that and, guess what, it's okay to not like Buc-ee's.

Tennessee Woman's Fandom

For a Tennessee woman, she is such a fan of Buc-ee's that she thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate her 35th birthday. She chartered a party bus, invited her closest friends and visited the Buc-ee's in Crossville, Tennessee, between Knoxville and Nashville. One of the highlights of her now viral TikTok video was the Buc-ee's cake with the fitting "Let's Get Buc-wild" sign on top of the cake. They all shopped, grabbed some food then continued the celebration in the parking lot outside of their bus.

@jaimespinn A very @Buc-ee’s birthday party #fyp #bucees ♬ Level Up - Ciara

Comments on Tennessee Woman's Viral Birthday at Buc-ee's TikTok Video

Mine and my girlfriend's birthday is coming up next month, we should plan a trip like this for both of us to celebrate. That could be a lot of fun.

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