If you head west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you will find the town of Mineral Wells, Texas right on Highway 180. With a population of almost 17,000, you can qualify Mineral Wells as a small town. The thing about this small town, however, is that it has what many consider to be the most haunted house of any that paranormal investigators have explored. And it's in the shadow of another haunted structure, the Baker Hotel.

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Hill House

The house is called Hill House and was built a few years before the civil war. It started as a home but was then converted to a hospital. This house has a nefarious history of gambling, prostitution and/or murder, so its no wonder this house is full of horrors. Some of the top paranormal investigators have visited the home and always come away with some kind of evidence that something, or somethings, is still in that home.


One such story is of an entity known as "Toby." Toby likes to do all kinds of things to it's guests; things like cut them, bite them or even burn them. Some have heard his voice or a growl come from nowhere. Owner Katherine Estes has even seen a picture taken by a guest showing a demonic looking figure that she believes could be Toby.

You Can Stay at Hill House

There is definitely something going on in that house in Mineral Wells. If you're a bit skeptical, or just a nonbeliever, and want to check it out for yourself, you can. Its not just any kind of overnight stay, though, you will get to be a part of an investigation. One of those overnight investigations is where a woman was yanked off a bed by something. Check out this report from WHAS via YouTube that shows video of it all.

If you're intrigued, head over to hauntedhillhouse.com to watch paranormal investigation videos of the house, learn a little more about it's history and how to book a night to investigate. If you're able to stay the night, you will be one of the few.

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