Airbnb's are a very popular place to stay while on vacation. They can sometimes be cheaper than a hotel. Airbnb's provide a more relaxing feel than a hotel. Plus, you don't have to worry about bumping into a bunch of strangers while trying to get some ice. East Texas has a great mixture of Airbnb's that range from the downright weird to very luxurious. One man from Tyler, Texas submitted a very weird design to Airbnb for a contest the vacation rental platform was hosting and won $100,000 to build his Airbnb that we will be able to stay in very soon.

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OMG! Section of Airbnb

If you've ever looked on for a vacation rental, you've most likely noticed a section called OMG!. In this section, you will find some very unique, some very odd and some very imaginative places to stay, including Texas and East Texas. There is a place in Austin that looks like one of those paintings where everything is melting. There's a place in Lindale that's a treehouse. There's even a multitude of places that are made out of old shipping containers.

$10 Million OMG! Fund

Airbnb decided that it would be cool to expand this section of their rental portfolio and set aside $10 million for what they called their OMG! Fund. They took submissions from all over the world of creative and extremely unique designs that vacationers could one day stay in. If that submission was picked, that person would receive $100,000 to go towards the building of that Airbnb that would then be hosted in the OMG! section of

A Tyler Man Won

One Tyler man decided to put his brain to work and design a very unique Airbnb that would give a lot of us Saturday morning vibes as a kid (Tyler Morning Telegraph). His name is Trey Dillion and he designed the Modern Cereal Lover’s Paradise. Basically, you would be staying in a box of cereal that features a patio of "spilled milk" and a "bowl of cereal" ball pit to relax in.
Tyler Ma's, Trey Dillion, Airbnb OMG! Winning Design. This Is Not the Final Product -
What an incredible journey it has been to be a part of the OMG! Fund judging process. There were so many inspiring stories and destinations that I had never heard of before that I’m now eager to visit. As a builder myself, I can’t wait to watch these ideas come to life. These are more than just places to spend the night – each one offers an entire experience! - Kristie Wolfe, Airbnb Superhost and contest judge

Dillion will receive $100,000 to use toward building the new Airbnb which will need to be built and ready to stay in pretty quickly, August of this year (2023). Yeah, that's five months to complete the project (as of the writing of this article). Trey's Airbnb will be built within 20 minutes of downtown Tyler. If you want to follow Trey's progress as he constructs his winning vacation stay, you can follow it on Instagram.

Cool stuff Trey and we look forward to the opening.

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