There is just something magical about finding a stray bill on the ground even if its just a dollar. I remember a few years ago when I was out for a random walk and found a $20 bill that was about to fall down a drainage ditch. Or another time I found $10 in the dryer at the laundromat. Exciting stuff. For a 65 year-old Industry, Texas woman, finding some money turned into an absolute nightmare.

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What caused this incident?

On Sunday, January 15, 65 year-old Betty Smith was shopping at Lindemann Grocery in Industry, Texas (KHOU). Smith has been a long time customer of the heritage grocery store. She happened to find a $50 bill on the floor. Shortly after this, things escalated quickly as three employees confronted Smith and aggressively prevented her from leaving the store by grabbing her and locking the doors of the store.

Look at here, my lucky day. - Betty Smith after finding a $50 bill at Lindemann Grocery

No reason was given as to why these employees felt the need to prevent Smith from leaving the store. Did this money accidently fall out of a register's drawer? Did an employee accidently drop the bill? Why wasn't Smith told why she was being held against her will because she found this money?

To make matters worse, Smith's daughter showed up and assaulted one of the employees, obviously angry over what had happened. She was arrested but its not known if charges against her will be filed.

Lindemann Grocery's Response

Lindemann Grocery did say that they immediately fired all three employees involved in the incident. The store also wanted to help with bond money, we can assume for her daughter, and also let her keep the $50 bill she found. Smith declined that offer and is considering filing a civil suit.

The Investigation is Ongoing

The Austin County District Attorney's Office is investigating the case but no charges have been filed at the time of this writing. This story has so many questions and details that don't seem to be reported. I guess it will all come out if this case goes any further.

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