I'll be completely honest with you, when I started seeing the memes going around about $5 for a dozen eggs, I thought it was some kind of joke. It wasn't until I went to the grocery store that I saw it was very real. That has led many people to setting up their own coops and buying their own chickens to cut down on their grocery costs. There is a program available in East Texas where you can rent a chicken to have your own eggs but even the cost of that is expensive.

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Reason for the High Price of Eggs

The main reason for the huge jump in egg prices has been a round of avian flu that has decimated the chicken populations on farms across the country. Its just like flu in humans, once one gets it and you stay in close contact with that person, you'll most likely get it yourself and then spread it to someone else. Some farmers have had to destroy their entire flock leaving the select few survivors to pick up the slack. Inflation and feed and supply prices going up is another contributor.

'Rent The Chicken'

I saw this the other day and the cost of the program gave me as much sticker shock as the cost of eggs at the grocery store. The program is called Rent The Chicken and its exactly as it sounds. You can rent a couple of chickens along with a coop, the feed and other supplies.

Sticker Shock

This sounds like an awesome idea until you get to the rental fees, those can range from the base of $535 to the premium of $765. Wowzer. You rental lasts for six months and comes with a coop, two to four hens depending on the package you pick, starter feed and a food and water dish. A farm in Centerville offers this program as do farms across Texas, the United States and even into Canada.

How You Can 'Rent The Chicken'

If this is a program you would like to take part in, by all means. I just look at this and don't see the savings compared to paying $5 for a dozen. If this interests you, however, head over to rentthechicken.com.

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