Earlier this week I had the privilege of chatting with Ethan Langley, he is the owner of American RV Restoration in Longview, Texas. He recently had the television network A&E visit his business as he will be featured on an upcoming episode of 'Shipping Wars'. But while chatting with him about the upcoming show I discovered Ethan also has one of the coolest collections of items in East Texas as he has quite a few large play toys that were once used in the kid's play area at McDonald's locations.

We all remember being a kid and while we also enjoyed the french fries, the real reason kids got excited about going to the fast food giant is because they had a play area. I remember climbing and sliding around, even jumping into the ball pit before food would arrive and my parents would say it's time to stop playing and eat your food.

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It's Those Memories That Make These Toys So Fun

While I'm not so sure I would have a place for McDonald's toys at my house, plus my wife would probably say it doesn't go with our décor, but I still love seeing these toys. It's the fun memories of growing up that make these large pieces of plastic so enjoyable.

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Ethan Admits He Often Restores Pieces and Sells Them

Very similar to his RV restoration business, Ethan regularly bids on these play toys online has them shipped to his location, he cleans them up and often resells them. He mentioned there is a large amount of buyers from outside of the US that purchase these play toys.

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This has to be one of the coolest collections in East Texas.

Pictures of Restored McDonald's Play Toys

These photos will bring you back to your childhood.

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