I may need an intervention, y'all. For some reason, I can seem to stop eating this one particular dish at a Tyler, Texas restaurant.

Wait, I think I may know the reason. Possibly because it is utterly delicious? At least to me.

Here's the thing: It tastes amazing, for sure. But even more than that? It tastes REAL. What the heck do I mean by that? I mean it tastes fresh, unique, and doesn't have that same undertaste that some restaurants have. Ya know, the kinds of places where every food item tastes pretty much the same? Like more than anything you taste the sodium, if that makes any sense.

Have you had a chance to try Tiba Mediterranean Grill in Tyler, Texas yet?

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Tiba Mediterranean Grill is located where the Honey Tree used to be at 211 Shelley Drive off Old Bullard Road in Tyler. Most of the items on the menu sound quite appealing to me. They offer things like Kabobs, Shawarma plates, Falafel, Greek salads (which are amazing), and the most incredible Baklava you could ever put inside your face.

However, outside of the hummus, baklava, Greek salad, and some of the other delightful groceries they ALSO sell adjacent to the restaurant area, I've not tried those dishes. (I hear they're fantastic, too.) The reason I've not tried them yet?

Because I can't stop ordering this particular dish: The Gyros Plate.

Gyros Plate from Tiba Mediterranean Grill, Photo: Tara Holley, Canva
Gyros Plate from Tiba Mediterranean Grill, Photo: Tara Holley, Canva

Have you ever found yourself completely addicted to one dish at a restaurant? 

While I love certain dishes at different East Texas restaurants, I'm not sure I've ever been quite this hung up on one dish. So what makes it so addictive?

Well, I'm no food scientist. I can tell you that the tender gyro meat sitting atop that saffron rice, served with the 'best hummus you've ever had' is unbelievably good. I actually CRAVE it after a week or so.

They offer dine-in and take-out, and I recently noticed you can have it delivered via ASAP (formerly Waitr.) So listen, if you're wondering what on earth to do for dinner, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

And don't forget that baklava for dessert. Holy heck.

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