American Aquarium's new album is out, and you need it. Don't believe me?

Rolling Stone named the North Carolina-based band as one to watch in 2015, "The country-rock travel log of a band that’s spent the past decade on the road, swirling a string of last calls and open highways into songs that celebrate the highs — and the hangovers — of life in the HOV lane."

Cody Canada said, "American Aquarium's new cd "Wolves" is out. Let's all buy it. Why? Because it's great that's why. It's time to retake our rightful spot. This is the year Americana makes a statement. Again"

And they've been one of our favorite bands here at Radio Texas, LIVE! for well over a year now, yeah we were a little late to the game on these guys. Check out, Wolves, you won't be disappointed.


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