Cross Canadian Ragweed's Soul Gravy is iconic. I know it, and you know it. Hell, Cody Canada knows it. Featuring early '00s defining singles "Sick and Tired" and "Alabama", both of which charted on the Hot Country Songs charts, it's peak Ragweed.

But as it turns out Canada was never quite satisfied with the album. Last week Cody Canada was our guest on Radio Texas, LIVE! to discuss that and more.

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Since Cross Canadian Ragweed broke up in 2010, Canada has wanted to be able to sell his (Cross Canadian Ragweed) music on the road, but due to the Ragweed lawsuit agreement he can't. He doesn't own his own music. And if you're wondering the inspiration behind the rerecord look no further than one of the world's biggest stars, Taylor Swift.

With the Ragweed lawsuit agreement I can't reproduce anything. When the same thing happened to Taylor Swift I thought if she can do it I can do it. So I asked some of the folks in Nashville, they said go for it.

After he got the greenlight he told us that one of the first people he called was Lee Ann Womack, who was eager to be a part of the project. Canada also reached out to Ray Wylie Hubbard and Randy Rogers, both of them will also be featured on the new project as well.

But there was more to the rerecord than just owning his own music, which is important. Some hardcore fans may be aware that Cody was never satisfied with the original Soul Gravy recordings. He told us he was happy with every song on the record, but at the time of the recording Ragweed was busy; they had gone directly from a gig into the studio to lay it down. He says that it was rushed.

So [this time] I got to go in in my own studio, on my own time, with 25 different amplifiers, vintage drum kits, and time. It was really fun and relaxed and there was no one breathing down our necks. I know everyone loved the [original] record, but I feel like I redeemed the record... Just in my own mind.

Cody couldn't commit to a specific release date, there are still a a few too many balls in the air for that, but he told us we should be expecting his version of Soul Gravy "probably March (2022)."

Press play to hear Cody discuss his disappointments with the original "Soul Gravy" recordings, and how Taylor Swift inspired him to rerecord the iconic album. You can hear our full interview on the Buddy Logan's Aircheck podcast.

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The List: Cross Canadian Ragweed Albums

Cross Canadian Ragweed was formed in Yukon, Oklahoma in 1994. Made up of Cody Canada Grady Cross, Randy Ragsdale, and Jeremy Plato. The group released five studio albums and three live albums from 1994 until they disbanded in 2010.

Album release dates according to All Music.

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