This Father's Day, I'm going fishing with my Daddy! My Dad took me and my three siblings fishing from the time we could hold a pole! It was just what we did as a family. Hunting too. So I grew up in the outdoors learning about nature and respecting it.   My Daddy is now 75 and he has the patience of Job when he is fishing. I take that back, he is patient with everything he does. I am some much like my Dad, and then I'm not. It's strange. I was lucky to get his work ethic, but patience, quick to forgive, and a whole list of great attributes my Dad has, I don't really make the cut!

We'll  probably be fish at Tyler State Park, the park is laid back and easy to get around. Plus it's a place my Mom and Dad went to when they were dating in high school. Awww! (liking fishing and hunting didn't hurt me with the boys growing up!)

Every time I get the chance to spend time with my Daddy, is such a blessing and always a sweet time. My Daddy taught me to: work hard, play hard, be fair, treat people with kindness, be quick to forgive, be generous, don't allow people to run over me, love the Lord our God, give without expecting anything back and respect and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can.

I try to do all those things, sometimes coming up short, but I hope my Daddy is proud of me and that I love him with all my heart, because he is my heart. Don't let this Father's Day go by without reaching out or spending time with your father.

I hope we get a whole stringer of fish! I'll let you guys know Monday!






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