Sometimes things don't go as planned when it comes to a fireworks show and here are some examples of that throughout Texas.

Kyle, Texas 2019

So the city of Kyle wanted to do their biggest fireworks display ever. Unfortunately, some fireworks prematurely went off at ground level causing some grass fires. No one was injured and the city apologized for the incident. You can see the ground level fireworks starting at the 22nd mark in the video above.

Plano, Texas 2020

Yup, another case of fireworks prematurely exploding on the ground. This caused it to activate other nearby fireworks. No one was hurt and no property damage was reported. This caused some grass fires, which took about an hour to contain by the Plano Fire Department.

Medina Lake, Texas 2010

Apparently this guy in Medina Lake does an annual fireworks display for the whole lake area. Not a city approved event, but the folks in the area enjoy the show every year. Well in 2010, he got himself in some hot water after they all went off at once.

El Paso, Texas 2020

Not a fireworks show, but an actual fireworks stand catching on fire. The way some of these people are so calm walking away from this thing. I would have been running my ass off away from that building. Wait til the person holding the camera puts it out of the car so you can hear how loud it is.

Just for Fun, San Diego 2012

Yeah, I know this isn't Texas, but I watch this video every year. Back in 2012, somebody activated every firework at one time. It is truly one of the most insane things you will ever see. No grand finale in fireworks history will ever top this.

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