We can remember as teenagers how excited we were at approaching the age of 16 to be able to start driving and enjoy a little freedom. The music up load, the wind in our hair, just the fun of driving on a back road or to the mall. As we got into adulthood, driving became less of a freedom and more of a task. For the most part, people are good drivers, its that four or five percent that want to disobey every traffic law that will drive us bonkers. After seeing this viral video on TikTok out of Houston, Texas, you really have to wonder what in the world this person was thinking or doing to get into this predicament.

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Rules We Learned Day One of Driver's Education

On the roadways are painted lines that signal to us where the correct lane is to drive in. Crossing that line when your not supposed to or straddling the line could lead to some costly, both in money and on our bodies, results. Having that knowledge, which we learned day one in driver's education, you really have to wonder what this person was thinking, or doing, that caused them to believe this was the proper solution to approaching the stop light at this intersection.

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Are you just as confused as I am?

Honestly, I think baffled is the more appropriate word in this case. How did this driver think this was the correct way to maneuver around at this intersection? Did they not see the lines painted on the ground to indicate where the proper lanes are? Did they some how, some way, for the most ignorant reason ever, believe they were driving a motorcycle and thought they could lane split? Were they on their phone not paying attention to anything around them?

The Questions Could On and On

I just don't get how this person could be that bad of a driver to believe this was correct driving technique. Currently, my girlfriend's daughter has her driving permit and we are teaching her the rules of the road so she can get her license. What I don't understand is why we are the ones responsible for teaching her to drive? I follow the driving laws to the T and that is what I am teaching her. But for those drivers that don't believe those laws should be followed, what are they teaching their kid?

Why is not mandatory for a new driver to go to an actual class with a certified instructor to learn how to drive?

This needs to be a Texas law. In the meantime, and we can only assume what this driver was thinking, this is a great example of the end result of being a distracted driver. Luckily, this only turned into some paint scratches and dents, but what if this was at 70 miles per hour? The result could have been deadly.

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