Being on the run from police does not seem like fun to me. Constantly ducking every time you hear a siren. Wondering if that acquaintance who's hiding you will turn you in for the reward money. Not being able to get out and enjoy some time with friends in a public setting. Yeah, I would not want any of that. East Texas most wanted fugitive, Matthew Hoy Edgar, was arrested after almost a year on the run through some extensive work from several law enforcement agencies and is back in a Sabine County, Texas jail.

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Work of Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies

Matthew Hoy Edgar had been on the run since walking away from his trial in January of 2022. Through the work of the U.S. Marshall Services, Sabine County Sheriff's Office, Lufkin Swat and Texas Game Wardens, Edgar was captured the evening of December 29, 2022.

In a press conference, U.S. Marshall's were able to determine that Edgar was still in East Texas and was in hiding at a residence in Hemphill. Texas Game Wardens were set up in the woods behind the residence to learn if Edgar was at this residence. When Edgar's presence was confirmed at the residence, law enforcement moved in and captured Edgar without incident.

The investigation is still ongoing and charges will be brought against those who assisted in harboring Edgar during his time on the run. He will face formal sentencing Tuesday, January 3 (KLTV).

Original Story From December 30, 2022

Matthew Hoy Edgar's Arrest and Trial

Matthew Hoy Edgar was arrested in November of 2020 for the murder of 19-year-old Livye Lewis. It wasn't until January of 2022 that the trial began. It was heard in court testimony that Edgar and Lewis were at a party and got into an argument. Lewis left that party but Edgar followed her. Lewis was found dead in her vehicle.

Matthew Hoy Edgar on the Run

Matthew Edgar attended the trial for the first two days. When the third day began, Edgar did not show up. Law enforcement began searching for him but was never found. The trial continued where he was found guilty in absentia of Livye Lewis' murder and sentenced to 99 years in prison.

On Thursday December 29, 2022 at approximately 8:30 pm Matthew Edgar was apprehended and taken into custody by the US Marshall Service. He was immediately taken to the Sabine County Jail to await formal sentencing by the court. - Sabine County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Matthew Hoy Edgar was eventually added to Texas 10 Most Wanted List. Authorities did not disclose exactly where Edgar was captured or provided any details into where, or how, he had been hiding for almost a year.

No matter, this is good news for the family of Livye Lewis as justice can finally be served in her death. Great job to U.S. Marshalls for their work in making this capture.

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