One Tyler, Texas area woman said she thought she'd NEVER find macarons as good as the ones she'd had at a wedding about 5 years ago. But that all changed when she found THIS place.

Granted, I've not had the joy of visiting Rose City Sweets as of yet. But I've heard nothing but rave upon rave about their offerings--as well as how wonderful the owners are.

Rose City Sweets is owned and operated by Kassie Hopkins and her husband. I just chatted with her and she is the sweetest. You can find them at 13233 Frankston Hwy in Tyler. She kindly shared the photo you see here of these beautiful French macarons that everyone has been talking about. And for good reason.

Photo courtesy of Rose City Sweets
Photo courtesy of Rose City Sweets
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Amanda Jennings Cole of Tyler, TX recently shared yet another glowing review of the "Macs" you can find at Rose City Sweets and this is some of what she had to say:

"These have to be the best macarons I have ever tasted. Seriously, a little taste of heaven! I bought 6 for $18. They are bigger than typical macarons. The owner makes them herself."
Cole also added a "sidebar" about how she had been looking for some as good as the ones she had at a friend's wedding about 5 years ago, to no avail...UNTIL:
"Sidebar: I discovered macarons about 5 years ago at a wedding. The lady that made them did it for fun and I was blown away by how good they were. Ever since then, I have tried other macarons and I always end up disappointed. I’ve bought some online, they were just ok. Bought some at [...another local place...] and they were just ok.
I honestly didn’t think I would ever have a fabulous macaron ever again. All macarons are not the same. If you know you know. That completely changed today!! Rose City Sweets…. you made my day!!They are the absolute best I have ever had! I will be back!"
Well, are you as inspired to try them as I am? Gosh, they're so beautiful. They also create other delicious gourmet cookies you'll definitely want to try. You can learn more about them via their Facebook page here.

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