The Tyler/Longview area, along with many other local East Texas communities, are full of magnificent wooded areas. A wonderful variety of trees really show their beauty when Fall comes about and the leaves begin to change. Nature has an artistic way showing us the different seasons, and most agree that the changing of the leaves is the most majestic of them all. We have asked the wonderful people of this station where their favorite places in the Tyler/Longview and surrounding areas are. Here are a few of the spots they recommend.

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    CJ's Favorite Spot

    Lake Palestine

    Living down at Lake Palestine, I drive down 315 on my way home every day. Growing up at the lake, I have seen many a season in this area. When Fall comes around, it is an explosion of color. It is a joy to see all the different trees surrounding the lake begin to change into their fall wardrobe. Now that my kids are old enough to notice how the leaves change color, it is even more of a thrill hearing them in the back seat pointing out the different trees to each other. The contrast of the many colors against the blue of the lake is a sight to see.

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    Marcie Pink Tells Us Hers

    Eastbound On Interstate Hwy 20

    Marcie's favorite spot is driving east on I20 toward Longview. "I am always amazed by the splendor and beauty mother nature treats us to every fall." Marcie says. " I really enjoy taking drives in the country, down some of the old country roads, and enjoying the colorful leaves. Knowing that some of these roads are over a decade old, it makes me wonder how many other people have been down these exact same roads and enjoyed the beauty of Fall. My youngest son likes one particular stretch of road and asks for a little 'mom and son' time every season change." Marcie hopes that this will be a tradition he will pass on to his children.

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    Eliot the Intern Is The Next To Tell

    Tyler State Park

    Eliot tells us about times he has went to Tyler State Park with his parents and was awed by the different kinds of trees and their own special color. "The mixture of the different shapes of the leaves and their different colors was amazing. I remember trying to look out every window at the same time to take in every tree." He tells us that walking down some of the trails was even better. "It was like walking on a multicolor carpet. You cold actually pick up the leaves and feel the texture and see the various amounts of color in just one leaf alone. I don't want to keep using the same word but, it was amazing."

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    Amy Austin Talks About Her Favorite Spot

    Lookout Mountain in Jacksonville

    Amy says that one of her favorite spots is Lookout Mountain in Jacksonville. "Looking down at the trees gives a totally different perspective on the leaves changing. You see the top of this giant canopy of color below you. My husband and I were lucky to see this. We had heard people talk about the view before, so we stopped by to see what all the fuss was about. We were surprised by the beauty of it. We didn't actually think about the fall change when we went, we were thinking about everyone saying how far you could see. It just happened to be in the fall when we finally went and I never realized exactly how beautiful the colors were until I gazed out at the top of the trees, instead of seeing them from the ground. I would definitely recommend it to everyone."

    S.C. Asher,
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    Buddy Tells You His Favorite Spot

    Nothing like beer, football, and fall leaves

    Although it seems a little out of place to look at the fall leaves, Buddy spends a lot of time watching the sports and hanging with friends at Where's Rufus Sports Bar. "I have never really thought about the leaves changing colors," Buddy admits. "It seems though that hanging out at the bar I find myself talking about them in an abstract manner. I say to my pals, You know football is coming because the leaves outside are changing colors. I can't honestly say I go there for the leaves, but thinking now, there are a lot of trees in that area and it is a nice place to see them. Not only do you get to see them, but you can kick back with a cold one and admire them. I will say, after being asked this question, I will start noticing them a lot more. Who knows, I might actually find myself telling people to go to Where's Rufus, get you a frosted mug and enjoy nature along with a good game." Well Buddy, after reading this, maybe people will do just that. Thanks for your input.

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    Leslie Reynolds Has Her Favorite Too

    Living in your favorite spot

    Leslie has one of the best spots for looking at the colors, her front porch. Every morning she gets up and just looks out the window, and sees the wonder of natures changing. "In the Fall, I like to sit on the porch and look at the trees," Leslie says. "Living out in the country, you are surrounded by trees. Being able to sit in a comfortable rocking chair on your front porch has got to be the best. I don't have to get dressed up and drive anywhere, just an over sized shirt, pair of worn out jeans, and my fuzzy house shoes. My friends and family get to experience it every time they come over for a visit during the season. We set outside and talk, enjoy the fresh air, and every so often you catch yourself kind of zoning out and just looking at the natural beauty surrounding you. I don't believe there could be a better spot."

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    Lucky Larry And His Spot

    A little color makes exercise even better

    Larry likes to do a little walking to stay fit and in shape. "I go walking down Rose Rudman trail for a little exercise," Larry tells us. "The tail is lines with trees, and walking the trail in the cool fall weather is great. Seeing the color of the leaves as they slowly change is wonderful. It really makes the walk more enjoyable to see nature showing its vast spectrum of shades. The colors are beautiful and really peaceful. I recommend the walk to anyone."

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    Jessalyn Has Her Favorite Spot

    Learning is a beautiful thing

    Jessalyn Kaytar is a student at Tyler Junior College and enjoys the changing of the leaves there. "Walking to class, a lot of people stay in groups and talk along the way." Jessalyn said. "I sometimes watch the squirrels on my way to class, and as they run up the trees chasing each other, my gaze follows them and I find myself thinking about the beautiful homes they have. The leaves are so big and full of color that it captivates you. I will sometimes, when I have time between classes, sit on the benches outside and just admire nature. It gives me a sense of peace and calms me down so I am not as nervous about taking that math test as I would normally be. I just kind of zone out and just look at the beauty around me."

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    Let's Hear From Jeff Evans

    Just a great drive down the road

    Jeff does a lot of driving and one of the spots that catches his eye is on Hwy 69 between Tyler and Lufkin. "Sometimes I will be driving, listening to the radio, and catch myself just looking at the trees as I drive," Jeff said. "Some people are more concerned with getting to there destination that they miss things. The trees on this stretch of Hwy 69 is amazing. It is almost as though nature whispers through the windows and it makes you look around. I really enjoy the many shades of red and brown in the leaves. Fall colors are wonderful and when you mix all the yellow and orange with the reds and browns, the detail are amazing. During the spring and summer, all you really see is green. It is kind of monotonous and dull, whereas fall just grabs your eyes and pulls them toward the colors. Take a drive one day and enjoy what I can't begin to describe in words."

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    Carol Bates Has Her Favorite Spot

    Another one who likes the water

    Just like CJ, Carol likes going to the lake. "I have always enjoyed going to Lake Tyler," she says. "There is a lot of things to do besides fishing and swimming out there. I often find myself looking at the trees along the bank. It especially pretty if you are out on a boat and looking back toward the shore. Seeing some of the trees leaning over the water just a little makes me think they are admiring their fall wardrobe. Seeing the reflection of the leaves, especially when the water is smooth, is breathtaking. The sun dances off the water and makes it seem like the tree is dancing to music only it can hear. I say next time you are out there, don't just look at the fancy boats, take a look at nature, she'll be there a lot longer."