This morning, Big D and Bubba were talking about some parking lot etiquette. Bubba thought it was okay for those who were afraid of door dings to park at the end of the parking lot and take up two parking spots. Big D thought it was still rude and if someone was afraid of door dings to just not drive their nice car to Walmart or the mall or any place where there will be a lot of people parked. Callers were 50/50 on the subject. There is another piece of parking lot etiquette for people to consider, driving the wrong way in a parking lot.

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There are two types of parking lots, an angled lot and a horizontal parking lot. A horizontal parking lot is simple and easy, you can go either way down the lane to get to an open spot on either side of you. An angled parking lot is where people forget, or just blatantly ignore, the proper direction to drive.

I can already hear it "What are you talking about? It's a parking lot, why should it matter which way I drive it?" Well, it has to do with traffic flow. Parking lots that have arrows pointed in a certain direction mean that you can only drive that direction. The parking spots are angled to make it easier to park. It also makes it easier to back out and continue in the arrowed direction to exit.

There is also not enough room for two cars to fit in that lane. Meaning, if you go the wrong way up that lane and someone is coming down the correct way, you both don't have enough room to pass each other.

No, it's not a law. No, you can't get ticketed for it. No, there is no requirement to drive a parking lot correctly. But here's the thing, it's doesn't matter whether you can get in trouble for doing something or not, it matters that you have the personal fortitude to do something the right way because it benefits not only you, but someone else. Next time you're in an angled parking lot, pay attention to the arrows painted on the ground or notice that parking spots with the opening pointed toward you, the proper thing to do is drive the correct direction.

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