Randy Houser has a new album out now called Magnolia. It has twelve new songs from Randy, including his latest single "What Whiskey Does" with Hillary Lindsey.

Pretty damn good tune.

Randy Houser had a hand in writing all twelve songs on his new album. He even got a little critical of what's being written right now in Nashville. Mainly that writers are looking for the next big single instead of working toward writing great songs.

In the midst of this conversation, Big D brings up Milli Vanilli. Randy Houser is a fan of Milli Vanilli. Who knew? He's apparently is a fan of late 80's and early 90's pop.

We were introduced to Bees on the Porch. It's a story from a town in Georgia about bees bothering a couple of guys. We hear part of the audio in the interview. If you want the full, uninterrupted story, check out the video below:

Pick up Randy's new album, Magnolia, wherever you get your music or go to randyhouser.com to get more details.

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