Randy Houser has been on a mini hiatus. He wanted to take break to recharge his musical batteries. But he's back with a brand new album, Magnolia, that is coming out November 2.

Randy sat down with Big D and Bubba to talk about his friendship with actor Dennis Quaid. The Hollywood star stopped by a show he was doing in Los Angeles and they became friends.

We also got to hear the debut song from Randy's new album, What Whiskey Does. You can hear it above in the interview. It sounds great. A sound we've been missing for a while.

Recently, Bubba has been coming up with some odd merchandise ideas for the artist that come in. He said that Randy should have some kind of prison pouch to sell at his shows.

Bubba, you're weird.

He also got a peek into Randy hometown when he talked about a guy who was the mayor, fireman, police chief, pretty much everything in the town.

It's a great interview to check out if you missed it on the show.

Check out more about Randy Houser and his new music at his website.

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