When you live in Texas there are some things or businesses that everyone seems to fall in love with. One example would be Whataburger, not only do they have amazing food options but they have gone a step farther by introducing clothing so their fans can support them all the time. But they are not alone, this past weekend Savannah and I were driving to Dallas and stopped in Terrell and visited Buc-ee's. The feelings you get when you go into a Buc-ee's location is real, and once inside you realize how easy it will be to pick out items for the Buc-ee's fanatic in your life.

When I was in high school something changed, I no longer wanted to pay high prices for a shirt with a logo that said Nike or Polo. But I don't mind paying for clothing that supports a business that I truly enjoy such as Whataburger or Buc-ee's. Which is just another reason why even as frugal as I am, it's not safe for me to walk around Buc-ee's by myself I will spend hundreds of dollars in just minutes.

There Are Beaver Nuggets, And So Much More

Everyone knows about the Buc-ee's iconic Beaver Nuggets snack, which would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone but there are tons of other items that everyone would love. Buc-ee's is full of clothing, home decor, even lawn furniture. They seem to have a little bit of everything. The one thing that I was looking for and couldn't find was a Buc-ee's Christmas inflatable, I was going to attempt to convince Savannah that we didn't need lights going up because of the inflatable. But that didn't work out for me.

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Going Back to Being Frugal

The other thing I love about Buc-ee's is that they arent price gouging you. Many places that are loved will mark up prices because they know people will pay for those items, but Buc-ee's doesn't seem to do that. I'm not a big spender but when you look at prices there it's nice to not get that sticker shock.

Just look at all the items I found, these could all make great gifts for the Buc-ee's fanatic in your life.

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