Just a couple days ago I was talking to a buddy at work about things we’ve seen online lately and there is one viral sensation that has been going around and it’s driving me bonkers. I’m a big time Buc-ee's fan, if I’m on a trip and there is a store anywhere close, I’m going to take the time to stop. Their snacks and bathrooms are always worth the trip. But for some reason going to Buc-ee's and pronouncing the store name wrong has become a viral trend on TikTok and it’s enough to give you a headache. 

The first video I ever watched of someone mispronouncing the store name I thought the video was weird because everyone knows Buc-ee's. And if you’re stopping at a Buc-ee's it’s because you know how amazing the store is. Which just makes me wonder why anyone would make a video saying the store name incorrectly. 

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Mispronouncing the Name Buc-ee's Doesn’t Make You a TikTok Star 

It’s obvious that more people are doing this trend because it’s causing a reaction, and I realize by writing this I am giving them attention. But, it still boggles my mind that people are willing to look unintelligent on social media for the chance to get a few reactions. 

Examples of the Annoying Buc-ee's Videos on TikTok 

I can’t just describe the videos to you without showing you what I am talking about. So, here is a few videos with people saying Buc-ee's incorrectly. 

@kk.hibdon loved my first trip to Buc-ee’s! See you next time Buc-ee!! #buceestexas #bucees #loveyoubucee ♬ original sound - Kasey

@lawquon I love buccees pt. 2 #buccees #texas #TalkingTree ♬ original sound - lawson ewing

@thericonastybucees !

♬ original sound - griffin

@bettersafethensorry Bussie baddies #bucees #bussie #foryoupage ♬ original sound - No

@madisonngail @Bucceesoffical I love you #staugustineflorida #buccees ♬ original sound - No

@crazy.life.of.ash First trip to Buc-ee’s #bucees #buceeseverything #buceesvibes #texas #everythingsbiggerintexas ♬ Oldies - Almighty Blessing

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