The month of May is National Burger Month. And to celebrate the scrumptous creation, that was invented by Uncle Fletch in Athens, Texas by the way, Whataburger is inviting you to express your love for the Texas treasure in a poem.

Now through May 24, write your prose for Whataburger using 70 words or less on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use #burgerversecontest and that will enter you for the chance at Whataburger for a year and a $500 Ticketmaster gift card. This all according to

As far as content. You obviously can't plagiarize any published literature, you must mention Whataburger or a Whataburger menu item, no profanity and no bashing other burger joints.

You can find the official rules and all the contest details HERE.

I thought I'd try one on my own:

Oh Whataburger #1 with cheese, how that 5 minutes in between order and receipt become excruciating

The taste of your freshly cooked beef, the bite of your fry with the spicey ketchup, mouth watering

With the addition of bacon, a substitute of onion rings, that can make the meal heavenly

Just never leave without that refill of large sweet tea, for your taste buds will shout painfully

Alright, not too bad I guess. Here's your disclaimer, if you use the above prose, and win, I will use my special set of skills to retrieve the Whataburger for a year from you.

For inspiration: you may remember this video that went viral a couple of years ago of a slam poet and his salute to Whataburger.

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