Well, while seemingly all of our neighbors are getting snow right now, cities directly East of Dallas are just sitting in the cold, twiddling their thumbs. I woke up to countless social media posts of snow in North, South and West Texas - and now I'm seeing snow in Louisiana! I'll hide my jealousy long enough to share what 'Cajun Snow Sleighing' looks like though.

You know about the Cajun Army - Louisiana folks who use their fishing boats to save their neighbors from natural disasters. What about Cajun Sleighing? It certainly plays right into the same idea of using everyday equipment for non-traditional purposes.

While our Eastern neighbors didn't get mountains of snow, they certainly got enough to Cajun snow sleighing. It's kinda of perfect because you don't need horses or hills to get it done.

Have you ever tried it? Looks exhilarating, doesn't it?

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