Crime will happen anywhere. Evil will always exist. It doesn't matter how nice, or kind, or good vibes you send out, crime and evil will always be around us. People like to refer to Texas as a modern "wild wild west." I'm here to throw out the opinion that California is really the modern "wild wild west."

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About a week ago, it was reported in Stockton, California of a young man in a mask knocking on a door selling candy. He probably gave some reason of raising money for some kind of good cause. The California resident probably had a thought of "this is so kind of you to be doing. I would love to help." Problem was, this young man was preying on this resident because he knew they would think just that.

As the man and resident were wrapping up their transaction, a group of thieves charged the door gaining access to the house and stole some of the home owners belongings. The thing about California, actions like this, while illegal, will most likely not get prosecuted. This is why I have the opinion that California is closer to the description of "wild wild west" than Texas would be.

In Texas, most criminals know that a Texan would be armed. In Texas, having a random person walking up to a front door, especially an adult, selling candy is automatically going to raise a red flag. This type of scenario would warrant a call to police and the resident grabbing their six shot just in case and warning the person at the door of such armament.

Legal actions have been taken to defend themselves rather than a crime committed without penalty. Thus my stool where I'm saying California is more the "wild wild west" today than Texas. Maybe I'm 1,000 percent wrong but I believe based on the actions of this crime and scam carried out in this California neighborhood, I could be very right.

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