Casey Donahew Band has one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases in the entire Texas scene. And this October made ten years they've been at it now. They've released five albums along the way, and bring with them an expectation to sellout any and every venue they so much as sound check in. Casey Donahew Band is not just one of the hottest bands in Texas, they're one of the hottest bands period.

Casey stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! recently and we discussed Christmas, Christmas music, his next album and the big New Year's Eve bash at Billy Bob's.

Each year Casey and his band adopt at least five families with the hopes of giving them a better Christmas. "We like to give back," Casey told me. "We've been very fortunate in our lives and careers, and we try to direct [charity] towards children.

Also helping to get you in the Christmas spirit Casey teamed up with Cody Johnson to write and release an original song, "When Santa Rides Through Texas."

Hear the new song and story behind it.

This year CDB will be ringing in the New Year at the world's largest honky tonk, Billy Bob's Texas. And to say they're excited to play there, for the New Year is an understatement.

"It's one of those shows you hope you get at some point in your careers," says Casey. "It took us ten years, but we were lucky to get that accomplished. It's gonna be a big night, if you're planning to come get your tickets early."

Buy your tickets to the NYE show here.

And of course this past October was the ten year anniversary of his band. And Casey realizes their success and longevity to due entirely to the fans. "Its just a testament to [them]," says Casey. "They're the ones that drive this machine and keep us motivated... It's been a long, hard, windy road and as long as the fans showin' up we'll keep playing music."

Be on the look out for CDB's next album, tentatively due out in late Spring. And if you're still wondering what to do for New Years Eve -- Casey Donahew Band, JB and the Moonshine Band (their latest album Beer for Breakfast was name a Rolling Stone Top 5 Country album of 2012) and Ali Dee will all be ringing it in at Billy Bob's, and you should too.