Most parents want their children to read more often. That's clear to many of us. In fact, I've heard friends talk about this on various occasions and I bet you have, too.

Many parents in Tyler, Texas and all over East Texas are concerned their kids spend too much time on social media and not enough time reading.

But what if your kids ARE reading, but it's not material with which you're comfortable? Or even worse, books you find offensive or downright harmful to your child's developing mind?

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This issue was a subject of inquiry to the TISD school board on the evening of Monday, November 15, and some of the concerns were brought up in detail.

According to the Tyler Paper, TISD parent Jennifer White described one of the books raising concerns with some parents as “something that can be found on Penthouse forum” and very graphic, indeed.

White also raised concerns that damage may have been done already to TISD kids.

Tyler Paper reports that "another parent of a Tyler ISD student, Kristen Bentley, expressed her anger toward the books inside the Tyler Legacy High School library."

Bentley chose to bring in the book All Boys aren’t Blu which includes insights regarding "an LGBTQ activist who talks about his personal bullying experiences, and his first sexual relations."

Some TISD parents don't feel it's appropriate for kids to learn about sexuality and identity issues in this way.

TISD Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said "the board and district administration are in agreement with our community that resources, curriculum products, and classroom instruction should be in alignment with local and public expectations."

He also said books or literary resources that are "developmentally, cognitively or socially inappropriate” would be reconsidered.

Bentley went on to say "This book is in your library, and it depicts very graphic sexual intercourse, very graphic. If this book was made into a movie, it would be pornography,” according to

Bentley is on the lookout for what she feels are inappropriate books for TISD kids and her list is currently at 120 books she'd like to be considered by the school board.

In your opinion, should our East Texas school districts be more exacting as to the books that are allowed in our school libraries, or would you consider this to be censorship?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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