Driving in Texas requires a certain bit of fortitude. There are drivers that obey every traffic law to the T which irritates the drivers who think it's cool to skirt every law that's on the books. There are other drivers that seem to have just made up their on traffic laws based on something their 3rd cousin twice removed heard from their 2nd cousin who's a cop in a small town in South Texas. This all means that those Texans are going to hate a new feature that'll be coming to cars and trucks very soon.

Texas Driving Law Myths

There are a bunch of driving laws that many Texas drivers follow that are nothing more than myths. One of those is driving five miles over the speed limit. I've been told on multiple occasions that a cop won't pull you over for doing it. I can tell you that I have been pulled over for it two times and have been ticketed for it both times. I'm sorry, I don't believe you when you tell me they won't because I have proof that they will. I'm glad you haven't been caught doing it but I have and paid the price for it and won't do it again.

Another myth is the "fast lane." So many start yelling at people about driving in the left lane and won't go over the speed limit. The left lane does not have a different speed limit than the right lane. The left lane is not just for passing unless it is posted "Left Lane for Passing Only" like on the interstate. Sorry guys but Highway 69 between Tyler and Lindale isn't the interstate so that doesn't apply. Same with Highway 155 or Old Jacksonville Highway.

Your Car or Truck Will Start to Chime

That's why many of you are going to hate a new feature coming soon to your car of truck, a chime that goes off when you go above the speed limit. Oh yes, in the coming years, many cars and trucks will come with this feature called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). It will use GPS tracking to know the posted speed limit for that area, much like the GPS on your phone or in your car already does. The system could even go as far as preventing your vehicle from going over a certain speed (nxsttv.com).

Insurance companies may even offer lower premiums if this system is equipped in your vehicle. This is being done because of the number of traffic fatalities caused by speeding. In 2022 alone, there were 12,000 deaths related to speeding. In a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, 80% of respondents said they would like a feature on their vehicle that displays the current speed limit on their dash.

Lead Footers Obviously Would Turn it Off

In that same study it said that 20% of drivers who ignore the speed limit don't want that ISA system and that 50% of those drivers would find a way to bypass it.

The other side of this is how long it would take for this to be implemented everywhere. The average age of a vehicle on the road right now is 14 years old. So if this feature were to be implemented in, say, 2026, it would take until, on average, 2040 for every vehicle to be equipped with the feature.

Drive Safe

We really should not have to have a feature like this on our vehicles. Unfortunately, there are too many people that want to break traffic laws. That's why this stuff gets added. Problem is, it's become more and more stuff to ignore while driving.

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